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What is it about? It is about my love for The Word and its Author. 

There is only one authority on living forever and to find out about eternal life I decided to go to The Authority.  There is only One who knows and He wrote a manual. This manual is easily understood by the average layperson who has genuine interest and takes the time to read it, and this book really does not need a massive amount of interpreting. This how-to manual is freely available to all of us and I’ll be quoting from this manual, which is also known as the Bible.


I love sharing what the Bible says about living forever, especially the Scripture verses that aren't commonly used or those which are overlooked when we consider heaven and eternal life. I want to share these verses because, applied to my life, they've helped me make sense of my life, these verses helped me rebuild my life, and these Scripture verses make my heart sing. I'd like to think that they'll do the same for my readers.


The ‘thank you and dedication’ page will explain who I am writing to and clicking on ‘God hath made me to laugh!‘ may find you giggling alongside me. The post with the biblical historical ‘God hath made me to laugh’ tells Sarah’s story. The about page tells you a little more about me and the credits page pays tribute to those who help me with my blog one way or another.