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All About Scripture
This is my story in scripture.


Mosaic House 
Mosaic House offers Scripture Cards with eye catching designs. These exclusively designed cards are brimming with messages and promises of joy, love, hope, comfort, healing, guidance, prosperity and blessings. These unique Scripture Cards make fabulous gifts for any occasion. Opening special is for a limited period of time only two packs of 24 Scripture Cards for the price of one with postage included!


Live Forever how-to blog
This site came about because my cousin told me that he expected to live forever only days before he took his own life. After having a number of close calls myself, I felt compelled to study the promises and prophesies about the afterlife in depth. I decided to ask the Authority and have fallen head over heels.


People is Grass 
Listening to
People is Grass, which is the name of our virtual band, means tuning into ancient text and joining Jesus as he's dining with the Pharisees. The band lives at itunes and the band members consist of babes and little children.