Frequently asked questions

Question 1 - Is this service free?

Yes this service is free. It will not cost you anything.


Question 2  - Why are you providing this service for free?

I am providing this service for free out of thanks and gratitude because The LORD saved my life many times over and if it were not for my Creator I would no longer be in the land of the living. I simply want to share the love, joy, hope, peace, comfort, healing, guidance, prosperity and blessings I receive from reading GOD's Holy Word. 


Question 3 - Will this post card be send through the mail?

No, this postcard will be send via email. This is an e-postcard, not a physical card.


Question 4 - How does this work?

You can send the scripture quote, which is on display, or browse the gallery for your favourite quote. We will continue adding to the collection over time.

Once you have made a selection you can send the scripture quote to your friends by either clicking on the social media buttons or via email by clicking on the ‘write a note’ button.

When you click on the ‘write a note button’ you are asked on the left side of the card to write a message and write your name underneath the message so that your friend knows who sent the message.

On the right side of the card you are asked to fill out your friend’s email address so that we can send it to your friend.

You are also asked to fill out your own email so that this email doesn’t disappear into your friend’s junk folder and if you like, we can send you a confirmation email and occasional updates about other freebies.


Question 5  - How many cards can I send?

Personal use is free and unlimited within reason. For commercial use contact the copyright holder.


Question 6  - Can I send a hard copy?

That may happen in the future. For now, some of the scripture cards are available in hardcopy sets of 24. For more information on this service please visit our sister site


Question 7 - What about terms of use?

This service is provided free of charge in good faith to enable people to share good news. Owners of this site cannot and will not be held responsible for any messages sent by any visitors to any recipient.


Question 8  - What about privacy laws and all that?

We respect your privacy and will never share your email with anyone for any reason. We will only send a confirmation or follow-up email when this has been requested.


Question 9  - Does Free Scripture Ecard Site belong to any denomination?

No we don't. The bible is our church and other bible lovers are our fellow worshippers. We like how Jesus put it; For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. And also; Who is my sister and mother and brother? Whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven.  


Question 10  - Help, the ecard did not arrive. What did I do wrong?

My guess is that you did all the right things and nothing wrong at all but your friend's email's spam folder gobbled up the nice ecard you sent them. The only way to prevent this is by changing the spam settings and allow for mail from and

Still doesn't work? OK, check all the following which are known issues and can be corrected when you follow the instructions.


Question 11  - Help, the wrong e-card got shared and not the card which I selected. Why?

Oops sorry. This happens ocassionally when the card is shared via social media such as blogger and twitter. Our tech guy is onto it but this may take a little while to fix because it seems to involve some coding which will be taken care off with the next maintenance update of our site. If you want to make absolutely sure that the card you selected gets shared, your best bet till such time this bug gets fixed, is to send the card via email or facebook.


Question 12  - I like you site. How can I contribute?

There are various ways you can contribute. One way is by sending ecards to your friends and letting them know about our site. Or you can purchase a set of e-cards from our sister site Mosaic House Co which helps fund the upkeep of this site. Yet another way you can contribute is by entering our competitions and help us create the biggest and bestest scripture ecard site in the universe.  And finally you can contribute by making a donation. Any donation, no matter how big or small will be used to maintan this site.

Some of your links don't seem to work, can you help?

Different browsers give us different results. Some links work with Firefox and internet Explorer browsers but not with Google Chrome and Safari. Sorry about that. We'll talk to our tech guy and see what he can do to solve this.